Rhodium is a very hard, chemically resistant, brilliant white precious metal which is often used as a plating on white gold, and other white metals, to give a tough, brilliant white, protective finish.

In practice the rhodium is electrochemically plated as a very thin layer. While it is not particularly difficult to plate a thin layer of rhodium onto a piece of jewellery using a quick dip and dunk this will not be enough to ensure that the metal is deposited firmly as a hard bright brilliant white coating.
The best quality rhodium plating requires three things:
1) cleanliness;
2) the right chemical compositions and temperatures for the cleaning and plating baths;
3) The right electrical characteristics for the plating supply.

Using microprocessor controlled plating baths and power suppliers specifically optimised for rhodium plating John Martin Douglas can ensure all three to give hard, bright, brilliant white, rhodium plating. Contact him for details and pricing.
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