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John Martin Douglas - Price List
Claws replaced
Check clean & polish
Rhodium plate to a
brilliant white finish
Shanks on rings
Charms soldered
From £15.00
Silver from £4.50
Gold from £7.50
Includes clean & polish
From £17.00
9ct from £60.00
18ct gold from £120.00
18ct White from £150.00
Platinum from £195.00
Silver £4.50 for 1st £3.00 each thereafter
9ct gold £8.50 for 1st £5.00 each thereafter
18ct gold £10.50
Silver ring sizing
9ct Yellow gold ring
18ct Yellow gold ring
9ct White gold ring
18ct White gold ring
Down from £8.95
Up from £10.50
Down from £13.95
Up from £18.95
Down from £21.95
Up from £28.95
Down from £14.95
Up from £26.50
Down from £29.50
Up from £36.50
Platinum ring sizing
From £45.00
Chain repairs
Silver from £4.50
Solid 9ct from £11.95
Hollow 9ct from £14.95
Solid 18ct from £15.95
Hollow 18ct from £21.95
Bespoke jewellery
made to a high 
A comprehensive
range of repairs
and restorations 
Price List
© John Martin Douglas